After acceptance of your reservation request and/or signature of the reservation form (which in this given case would be the binding agreement between the parties) In order to confirm your reservation, please provide for remittance of a down payment (of two nights public rate or 25% : the greater of the two) within eight days either by bank transfer or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex). On the contrary your reservation will be considered null and void. If you use the online payment through the booking engine on our website, your reservation becomes definitive at the time of the down payment by credit card. In all cases, the cancellation, delayed arrival and premature departure terms as listed below apply.

Cancellation terms: The present contract could be cancelled only for the following reasons: death, accident or illness necessitating the hospitalisation for a minimum of 8 days of Lessee, spouse or direct descendants or ascendants :
– if notice is given at least 30 days before arrival, 75% will be reimbursed on presentation of official supporting documents
– if notice is given 11 to 30 days before arrival date, 25 % will be reimbursed on presentation of official supporting documents

If you cancel 10 days or less before arrival and in any other situation, or in case of absence of official documents, the Lessee will not receive any reimbursement concerning the entire sum already remitted and cannot pretend to such for any reason. The amount remaining for the initial reservation also becomes immediately due (see below)

In case that the guest (lessee) is not in a position to take possession on day defined in this contract, without previous communication by phone by noon the same day, immediately confirmed by fax or email with receipt, the rental for the entire period becomes immediately due and the Lessor is free to re-rent the room the same night to a third party; the present contract being automatically cancelled.

In case of delayed arrival or premature departure (excepting application of cancellation clause above) the full amount remains due or property of the Lessor if already remitted.

The Lessee, signer of the present, cannot make claim to any compensation, indemnity nor reimbursement. Nonetheless the maximum will be done to relet the periods thus freed and any sums thus generated will be partially or fully taken into account for a future reservation at sole discretion of Lessor.
For all disputes which cannot be settled amicably, they can only be referred to the French court competent for the town where the rental takes place and subject to French law.

For long stays we recommend that you separately contract a cancellation insurance.

Please note that our 4 legged companions are not permitted on the property.